Stephanie Escobar, DI Producer

Eileen Godoy

Stephanie joined Cognition in 2015 and initially assisted with VFX projects and business development​ before joining the DI team as a producer. Along with a passionate interest in anything tech, she brings strong organizational and communication skills, adding a side of her native Venice-Angelino charm, to every project.

An 18-year veteran of the entertainment industry, Stephanie began her career working with renowned commercial director Peter Smillie. She transitioned to visual effects via the post boutique Sight Effects and continued gaining knowledge in VFX at powerhouse company Digital Domain. During her years at DD, she became a senior associate producer and had the opportunity to work on award-winning commercials for directors Joseph Kosinski, Carl Erik Rinsch, Joe Hahn, Robert Hales and Victor Garcia and others.

Be sure to ask Stephanie about the her love of the outdoors, vintage cars, art and her passion for live music!

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