We are a cutting-edge post production, visual effects and Digital Intermediate (DI) facility for film and television as well as a company focused on developing Virtual and Augmented Reality projects and technologies. Our new state-of-the-art office space was designed to inspire and support other like-minded creatives.

Cognition’s mandate is to empower filmmakers and other creative parties by providing them with the resources, artistic space and collaborators they need to produce great work.

Digital Services for Film & TV

Cognition provides VFX and Digital Intermediate services for the Film and TV industries.


Our color, finishing and deliverables pipeline was conceived and built to support industry-standard models for digital cinema production.


We offer a scalable, project-based model for visual effects production which combines access to top talent across the globe with the knowledge and consciousness of today’s tight budgets.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

We provide VR and AR development, services and content creation.

Augmented Reality (adding computer-generated sound, video or graphics to real-world environments) and Virtual Reality (wholly simulated environments) are finding increasing application in entertainment, sports and commerce. Cognition’s in-house development team is creating custom applications that support a variety of products and services.

Office Space for the Entertainment Industry

Creative Office Space for Lease.

Our facility in Hollywood just finished its multi-million-dollar expansion. The 15,800 square-foot building now has 6,700 feet of beautiful, modern office space available. Designed from the ground up to support the production methodologies of today and tomorrow, the building provides an unprecedented working environment for film and television production and includes a 4K digital theater, a broadcast color suite and production offices.