Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Experiences for Real Audiences

Augmented Reality (adding computer-generated sound, video or graphics to real-world environments) and Virtual Reality (wholly simulated environments) are finding increasing application in entertainment, sports and commerce. Cognition’s in-house development team is creating custom applications that support a variety of products and services.

Selected Works

In 2015 Brian Pope founded The Arc/k Project, and Cognition does much of the Research and Development for the project. The Arc/k Project digitally archives that which is too valuable, too important, and too unique to be lost or forgotten. As great as the palaces of Versailles or as humble as a discarded arrowhead, our cultural heritage defines who and what we are—and we can all play a vitally important role in preserving it.

Visit our sister site,, to check out our latest initiative: Perpetuity | Palmyra.

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